Muichiro Tokito Vs Gyokko Twixtor Clips (Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 9)

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Muichiro is a skilled swordsman and Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. Despite his young age, he impresses even the strongest swordsman of the current era, Kokushibo. Muichiro’s proficiency in Mist Breathing is exceptional, and he has even created his own technique. He wears baggy clothing to obscure his movements while using Mist Breathing. Muichiro has several techniques, including powerful thrust attacks, forward slashes, circular slashes, and quick slashes reminiscent of Iaijutsu. His movements can be disorienting, and he can deliver ranged slashes capable of decimating multiple targets at once. One of his personal creations is a technique that changes the tempo of his movement to disorient his enemy.

Muichiro, a Hashira, wields a standard-sized white Nichirin katana with a rectangular gold handguard featuring hollowed rectangles at each corner. The blade is engraved with the words “Destroyer of Demons” in kanji characters. He also carries a black sword sheath. During his training with Yoriichi Type Zero, Muichiro breaks his sword and temporarily uses one of the doll’s katanas until Kozo Kanamori forges him a new one using instructions left by his original swordsmith, Tetsuido. At times, Muichiro’s katana appears to have a diamond blue color in the anime.

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