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Akane is naturally shy and reserved, which doesn’t make her an ideal candidate for a reality dating show like LoveNow. Unfortunately, when she received criticism and even death threats from viewers, she withdrew even further and contemplated suicide. It was then that Aqua suggested she adopt a new persona to protect herself from future backlash. Akane took on the personality of Ai Hoshino, Aqua’s ideal woman, and was able to replicate her mannerisms and speech patterns with great accuracy.

Despite her initial reservations, Akane found herself developing feelings for Aqua and even admitted to Yuki and Mem-Cho that she would be open to dating him for real. However, she struggled to confirm whether or not she truly loved him, citing her lack of experience in romance as the reason.

Akane is a talented cook and has a serious as well as a fun side to her personality. She empathizes with those who have been cyberbullied or harassed, having experienced it herself after the LoveNow incident. When Aqua suffered from PTSD, Akane was there for him, promising to always support him and share his pain.

She is also perceptive and astute, able to piece together details about Aqua’s past and empathize with his pain and loneliness. She even accepted his confession that he wanted to get close to and kill someone in the industry, promising to help him if needed.

Akane displays a caring attitude towards Aqua and is the only one who stayed by his side when he collapsed. However, she often clashes with Kana due to their shared feelings for Aqua and their polar opposite personalities.

When they officially started dating, Akane appreciated all the small gestures Aqua made to show his affection, such as waiting for her outside of work and praising her hard work. She also showed more public displays of affection towards him.

Despite her cute demeanor, Akane has a dangerous and obsessive side, as seen when she tries to take matters into her own hands regarding the Hoshino twins’ father’s identity.

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