Demon Slayer Season 4 Infinity Castle Trailer Twixtor (Fan animation by Romaga_d)

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A thousand years ago, during the Heian Era, Muzan underwent an experimental treatment administered by his doctor in an attempt to cure his terminal illness. However, this treatment resulted in him being transformed into a demon.

Unlike other primary antagonists who typically aspire for world domination or godlike powers, Muzan’s sole objective after becoming a demon was to live without the fear of death and achieve true immortality.

Muzan perceives himself as flawed and desires to eliminate his fatal vulnerability to sunlight. He believes that acquiring the Blue Spider Lily is the key to gaining immunity to sunlight.

Unfortunately, Muzan has been unsuccessful in his search for the Blue Spider Lily. As a result, he resorted to creating powerful demons using his own demonic blood, hoping that one of them would possess the ability to withstand sunlight. His intention was to consume such a demon in order to obtain their day-walking abilities and become immune to sunlight.

To assist him in his pursuit, Muzan formed a formidable group known as the Twelve Demon Moons. This elite force plays a crucial role in Muzan’s battle against the Demon Slayer Corps and the formidable Hashira.

The mighty demon king possesses unrivaled strength and possesses a range of skills including regeneration, shape-shifting, and telepathy. Having lived for over a millennium, Muzan has continuously evolved his body, making him an almost flawless being.

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