Demon Slayer Season 3 Best Moments

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Tanjiro possesses a natural kindness and is often praised for his gentle eyes. He displays immense determination and refuses to give up when he sets a goal for himself, exemplified by his unwavering pursuit of a cure for Nezuko.

Although he is capable in his own right, Tanjiro is not hesitant to seek assistance when needed. He deeply cares for his friends and is particularly protective of his younger sister. However, despite his compassionate and understanding nature, Tanjiro does have limits to his patience and dislikes rudeness. He easily becomes annoyed by Zenitsu Agatsuma’s constant complaining and angered by Inosuke Hashibira’s savage behavior.

One of Tanjiro’s most notable qualities is his ability to empathize with all individuals, even demons. This empathy sometimes causes him to hesitate before delivering a final blow, which can be exploited by demons who take advantage of his understanding nature to recover and continue fighting, although this occurrence is rare.

Nevertheless, as Tanjiro gains more experience through his journey, he becomes more calculated and resolute in his decision-making. His bravery in defending the weak drives him to confront his enemies with respect and honor, regardless of whether they are good people or evil demons.

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