Kanroji Mitsuri Twixtor (MItsuri Backstory, Mitsuri Activated her mark)

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Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji is a girl who is full of emotions and passion. She constantly compliments people in her mind, which is likely why she is called “The Hashira of Love.” However, she is shy and easily embarrassed. She is always kind to others, especially Obanai, with whom she shares a strong bond.

In terms of her swordsmanship abilities and powers, Mitsuri has several techniques. The First Form is called “Shivers of Love,” where she dashes forward with a series of slashes. The Second Form is “Love Pangs,” which involves a prolonged whipping slash. The Third Form, “Catlove Shower,” consists of Mitsuri leaping and launching a sequence of various armed assaults in quick succession. The Fifth Form, “Swaying Love – Wildclaw,” involves Mitsuri somersaulting backward through the air, coiling her sword around her opponents’ throat, and executing a series of whip-like attacks. The Sixth Form, “Cat-Legged Winds of Love,” showcases Mitsuri twirling upside-down with her blade, creating a helical cut to deflect incoming attacks.

Mitsuri is known for her exceptional flexibility, which allows her to have a wide range of motion. She has integrated her natural flexibility into her Love Breathing techniques, enabling her to easily surpass and counter Zohakuten’s techniques. Her superhuman flexibility is also evident in her whip-like Nichirin Sword, which is highly flexible as well. However, due to her pliability, only Mitsuri can wield the sword effectively, as it prevents her from getting injured while performing high-speed actions that require incredible ranges of motion.

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