Tanjiro Captures Hantengu Twixtor Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 10

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Nezuko, despite not being a member of the Twelve Kizuki, is an incredibly powerful demon with a unique set of abilities. One of her most notable traits is her exceptional growth rate, which allows her to defeat enemies who initially overwhelm her. She can increase her physical capabilities, enhance her regeneration, or develop her own Blood Demon Art to overcome dire situations. Nezuko has displayed great combat proficiency and skill in battle, overpowering the Temple Demon and assisting Tanjiro in fighting the Swamp Demons. Her accelerated growth rate mirrors Tanjiro’s own incredible growth rate, as she can take on members of the Twelve Kizuki and match Upper Rank demons in months. However, what sets her apart from all other demons is her ability to conquer the sun, earning her the title of the “chosen demon” from the Demon King.

Nezuko’s demonic traits are also unique. She can continuously restore her power without consuming any human blood, recovering her strength through sleep alone. Her extraordinary growth rate triggers even in the midst of battle, providing huge power boosts. Nezuko also has the ability to enter a berserk state where she becomes more demonic in appearance, greatly enhancing her physical capabilities and regeneration level to match that of the Upper Ranks’. She can control this form at will, allowing her to fight more effectively while maintaining her usual composure and restraint from feeding on humans. Nezuko has even developed immunity to sunlight, a feat thought impossible for demons, making her able to move around in the daytime without being burnt to ash.

In addition to her Blood Demon Art, Nezuko has also shown immense control of her own blood in her Awakened Form. When her limbs and head were severed and she was about to be cut into pieces by Daki, she managed to control her severed limbs and head by solidifying the blood spraying from them. With this ability, she was able to command her limbs to grab and stop Daki’s sashes with such strength that they were stopped dead in their tracks. She then pulled all of her limbs back together through those blood streams, allowing her body to regenerate.

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