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Roronoa Zoro

Zoro maintains a consistent outfit throughout most of the series, with only his shirt changing in different story arcs. Prior to the timeskip, he would typically wear black trousers tucked into black boots, along with a plain white shirt that had three buttons undone at the collar and a green haramaki.

However, there are instances where Zoro deviates from his usual attire. In the Arlong Park Arc, he disembarks from Sanji’s fishing ship without wearing a shirt. After defeating most of Arlong’s crew, he acquires an opened navy-blue shirt adorned with light blue whirlpools, which he stole from one of the fish-men. Due to the scar he received from Mihawk during the Baratie Arc, Zoro’s bandages can be seen underneath his shirt during this time.

During the Loguetown Arc, Zoro acquires two new swords, Sandai Kitetsu and Yubashiri, to replace the ones that were broken by Mihawk in the Baratie Arc.

In the Drum Island Arc, Zoro dresses warmly for the winter climate, but later finds himself stripped down after making the foolish decision to swim in frigid waters. He remains shirtless and shoeless until he steals a parka from a man in Wapol’s army. The stolen parka is hooded and forest green, with a light green sash and white fur on the cuffs, hood, and hem, accompanied by a pair of boots.

During the Arabasta Arc, Zoro adopts a different appearance, wearing an orange keffiyeh with a gold chain on his head, a long-sleeved white coat with black lines, and torn black trousers above his ankles.

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