Julius vs Conrad Twixtor Clips (Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King)

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Julius is a middle-aged man with messy blond hair and purple eyes. He has a blue six-pointed star on the left side of his forehead which disappears when he dies. He wears a shirt and pants of similar color and designs. The white shirt has a high collar with black fur at the end, intricate gold and purple-colored designs on its circumference, and long sleeves with light purple cuffs. His brown pants are complemented by high boots of similar color with black fur at the collars. Julius wears a long red robe that covers his entire body, decorated with white fur on the torso. He also wears a gold necklace and a couple of medals, including a gold medal with a green cross positioned on the left side of his chest and a shield with gold and red colors positioned on his right side. Additionally, a pair of robes are protruding from the fur on his right back. During his time as a member and later a captain of the Grey Deer squad, Julius wears its squad robe over a longer robe. After reviving himself with his stored time, Julius’s body is physically regressed to that of his 13-year-old self. He wears smaller versions of his previous attire to complement his shorter frame. Six months later, he wears a dark-colored jacket with ornamentation along the center seam, light-colored shorts, and a collared cape that reaches his knees and ties at his neck with a plain cord.

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