Asta Vs Conrad Twixtor (Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King)

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Asta is a young man who is not tall but has a strong and muscular physique. He possesses green eyes and untidy ash blond hair with bangs that fall in front of his forehead, including a single strand that sticks up from the center of his head. Holding his hair in place is a black headband, adorned with the gold-colored emblem of the Black Bull and a red four-pointed star with three stitches on the back. His body bears multiple scars from intense physical training, including a significant one on his abdomen caused by a Harpe attack from Mars, and another large scar running from his right shoulder to his left hip, inflicted by Lucius Zogratis in an almost fatal assault.

For his regular attire, Asta typically wears a plain white tunic with a V-shaped collar beneath a dark blue jacket that only covers his elbows. He pairs this with matching shorts featuring stitch marks on the left side. His pants extend just below his knees, and his shoes are a combination of two different materials: the ankle-covering parts match the color of his jacket and pants, while the toe-covering parts are white, with a vertical stitch mark running from the bridge to the toes.

Upon receiving his grimoire, Asta adds a pouch fastened to a brown leather belt to his ensemble. As a member of the Black Bull squad, he also dons their distinctive black and short robe with gold trim, covering the upper portion of his torso. The robe features a hood and a gold button on the right side to secure it, while the left side displays the squad’s emblem.

Following six months of training in the Heart Kingdom, Asta has gained more muscle mass. Additionally, he now wears a tight-fitting black shirt that covers his shoulders, upper arms, and part of his chest. The shirt has an open middle section and a gold clover emblem on the right side. Over this, he drapes a modified version of his squad’s robe on his left shoulder, fastened by a red cord that wraps around his neck. His headband on the front right side bears three red four-pointed stars, and the Black Bull emblem is on the left. He pairs his attire with black high-waisted pants tucked into knee-high boots and a large double-pronged brown belt, from which his grimoire pouch hangs.

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