Asta Demonic Angel Form vs Wizard King Conrad Twixtor

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Asta Devil Union

Unite, also known as “Devil Assimilation” in English, is a special transformation accessible to individuals who have undergone the Devil-Binding Ritual and become hosts to devils.

During the Unite transformation, the host taps into the full power of their devil and merges the devil’s essence with their own body. This allows them to contain and control the devil’s power, significantly enhancing their magical abilities and overall strength. Physical changes occur as well, with the host acquiring features such as horns, a tail, and slit pupils. They also appear adorned in the distinctive energy of their respective devil.

Furthermore, the host gains the ability to incorporate the unique characteristics of their devil into their magic. For instance, if the devil possesses a skill like Gimodelo’s “Pack,” the host can generate multiple clones of themselves. In cases where the host has made contracts with multiple devils, they can unite with more than one devil simultaneously, resulting in a more formidable unite mode.

When the contract between the host and devil follows a master-servant relationship, the host can easily utilize Unite since they have complete control over their devil. While in the united state, the host’s consciousness takes precedence. However, when the contract is between equals, the process becomes more challenging. In such cases, the host and devil must cooperate and synchronize their thoughts to achieve a successful Unite. Their minds and personalities blend together until they reach a deep understanding and share a common motivation. At this point, they truly merge into a unified entity.

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