Muzan Twixtor (Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 11)

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Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan possesses a tall and slim physique, accompanied by an extremely pale complexion that gives the impression of illness and frailty. His hair is curly and black, while his eyes bear a slanted and red appearance reminiscent of a cat’s. His fingers are adorned with sharp, blue nails. Overall, he gives off the impression of someone in their twenties.

During his initial appearance, Muzan donned a white hat featuring a red band, along with an elaborate suit. The suit itself was black, embellished with intricate designs, and paired with a white tie over a black shirt and white pants. Completing his attire were black shoes. However, in Rui’s recollections of meeting Muzan, the Demon King appeared differently from his initial depiction. His hair was straighter and parted down the middle. He sported a more relaxed suit, with a white cloak draped over it.

When attending a meeting with Lower Rank demons, Muzan cleverly disguised himself as a beautiful woman, donning a long black dress. This caused confusion among the Lower Ranks, as they initially failed to recognize him. Subsequently, he adopted a new disguise—an ailing son of an elderly couple—transforming into a young boy with fair skin and sleek black hair. His attire consisted of a simple white shirt, black shorts, long socks, and shoes.

After successfully eliminating Tamayo’s poison and emerging from his flesh cocoon, Muzan’s hair grew longer and turned white due to the effects of Shinobu’s poison, which accelerated his aging. Additionally, he sprouted numerous mouths on his arms and legs, each equipped with razor-sharp teeth. Dark-red growths also appeared on his skin, extending from his limbs onto his body.

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