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Izana Kurokawa

Izana was once a kind and benevolent person in his youth, but his world came crashing down when he found out from Karen Kurokawa that he was not related by blood to his family. This cruel revelation left him feeling like he had no place to belong, causing him to become bitter and lonely. He turned to delinquency and founded the S-62 Generation, determined to create a “kingdom”. He even manipulated Tetta Kisaki to help him seek revenge and violence.

As the leader of Tenjiku, Izana cared little for anyone, considering his men to be disposable tools and using violence to achieve his goals, even if it meant collateral damage. His cruelty was amongst the deadliest in the series, leading to a future dominated by the Tenjiku-influenced Tokyo Manji Gang, with a high body count that not even Kisaki or Mikey could escape from.

Although Izana was normally composed, he could easily break when things didn’t go his way. When he lost his cool during a fight with Mikey, he desperately tried to kill him with a gun, in denial that he could be defeated. It wasn’t until he was fatally wounded that he revealed his vulnerabilities and showed that he truly cared for Kakucho, his right-hand man.

In the end, Izana reformed Tenjiku as an organization that aided orphans and gained worldwide recognition, proving that he had changed for the better by helping those in similar circumstances to his own.

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