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Kakashi was an independent and self-confident child, sometimes displaying arrogance and condescension. However, he was also perceptive and intuitive, able to quickly understand situations. Following his father’s death, Kakashi became more strict, distant, and cold towards others, strictly adhering to rules and reprimanding those who did not. As an adult, Kakashi remains relaxed and unbothered by most things, despite his growing reputation as a skilled ninja. He does not display any arrogance and is rather humble about his abilities. Kakashi has a habit of being late and leaving early, using unconvincing excuses. However, this behavior is only for unimportant matters.

Kakashi is a person who prefers to be alone and straightforward. He hasn’t changed much since his youth, often speaking his mind about sensitive topics and sometimes ignoring his classmates when he passes by them. He spends most of his spare time alone, visiting Rin Nohara’s grave or the Memorial Stone where Obito Uchiha’s name is engraved. He talks to them about his life, recent events in Konoha, and others they knew, but mostly he shares his regrets that they cannot be with him or that their deaths were his fault. After Rin died, Kakashi suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and had nightmares about her death. Over time, he comes to accept that Rin chose to die, and his guilt instead became more about his broken promise to Obito to keep Rin safe. This fact causes Obito’s apparent death to weigh more heavily on him, compounding the regret he feels about what his personality was even hours before Obito seemingly died. Kakashi feels that if he cared about teamwork and friendship in the same way that Obito did, Obito’s “death” might have been avoided. Minato convinced Kakashi to join the Anbu, but during his time there, Kakashi gained a reputation for being cold-blooded and even suffered from suicidal thoughts. Obito’s apparent death profoundly changed Kakashi, and he became committed to teamwork and always puts his teammates’ well-being above the mission’s. He expects his students to demonstrate the same devotion to teamwork, and he becomes fond of all Team 7’s members, even Sasuke Uchiha. He blames himself for Sasuke’s criminal acts and hopes that Sasuke will correct his behavior.

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