Teen Gojo Twixtor JJK Season 2

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Gojo Satoru

Satoru, a tall man in his late twenties, possesses an imposing stature with a slender yet muscular physique, making him quite attractive, primarily due to his facial features. Notably, he has snow-white hair and vibrant blue eyes known as the Six Eyes. To conceal his eyes, he usually wears a black blindfold that also elevates his hair, giving it a spikier appearance. When opting for a more casual style, he wears sunglasses and lets his hair down, reaching the base of his neck.

During his work, Satoru dons a dark blue zip-up jacket with a wide, high collar. He pairs it with slim-fit black pants and black dress boots. Previously, he used bandages to cover his eyes before switching to a simple blindfold. Satoru takes pleasure in wearing expensive attire and has various casual outfits that he combines with his sunglasses. While attending Tokyo Jujutsu High, he wore the standard school uniform along with his sunglasses, before adopting the makeshift blindfold.

Satoru possesses unwavering confidence in his skills and reputation as a formidable sorcerer, considering himself invincible. His opinion of others is mostly based on their strength, and he displays indifference towards those he perceives as weak. Moreover, driven by his own desire for power, he exudes great arrogance. He firmly believes that he is the strongest individual in the world, a claim he technically validates, asserting during his battle with Toji Fushiguro that he alone is revered “throughout the Heavens and earth.” This arrogance becomes more apparent as he becomes more proficient in his reverse cursed technique during the subsequent fight, overshadowing any empathy he may have initially felt for Riko Amanai, one of the few “weak” individuals for whom he developed genuine compassion.

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