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Sung Jin Woo

Jinwoo possesses a humble and compassionate nature, displaying deep care for his family and an intense desire for power. He maintains close relationships with his sister and mother, prioritizing their well-being. Seizing every opportunity for personal growth is a common practice for him.

It is important to note that despite being the most powerful hunter globally, Jinwoo does not exhibit much arrogance. In personal interactions, he remains polite and easygoing. He shows minimal interest in materialistic desires and often acts selflessly. This selflessness is evident when he swiftly teleported to Jeju Island without hesitation to save other Korean S-Rank Hunters from certain death. However, in battle, he becomes ruthless, indiscriminately slaying his foes and even displaying a degree of contempt. He openly taunted the Ant King, labeling him a “mere insect,” and mocked the Architect for the flaws in his System’s design.

In contrast, during his weaker days, Jinwoo was timid and insecure, primarily due to his incompetence as a hunter and his family’s troubled situation. Despite deeply caring for his family, he carried a secret shame about his circumstances. This was evident when he lied to Joohee about his reasons for choosing hunting as his occupation, concealing the truth.

Jinwoo’s physical appearance is characterized by his handsome and muscular build, gray eyes, black hair, and sharp facial features. When utilizing his powers or experiencing agitation, his eyes emit a bright purple glow. He frequently dons dark-colored attire, particularly black. After defeating the Monarchs for the second time, he begins wearing a black glove on his left hand, which sustained severe scarring during his battle with Antares.

In his weaker state, Jinwoo was short and scrawny, with long hair that fully covered his ears. His youthful face made him appear even younger than his sister Jinah, and he typically dressed in a simple blue hoodie and jeans.

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