Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Opening Twixtor

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Satoru is a multifaceted person, displaying different attitudes towards different people. He is casual and playful with his students, colleagues, and friends, but he is ruthless and unkind towards sorcerer executives and his enemies. Satoru has a high level of confidence in his abilities and reputation as a powerful sorcerer, which makes him think he is invincible. He judges others based on their strength and is indifferent to anyone he considers weak. He is also very arrogant, believing himself to be the strongest in the world. During battles, Satoru becomes frenzied and aggressive, determined to prove that he is the strongest. He can be cold-blooded in a crisis, prioritizing the destruction of his enemies over saving innocent people. However, he will not harm or kill anyone innocent to gain an advantage. Despite his arrogance and strength, Satoru is more human than he appears. After defeating Toji, he showed grief over Riko’s death and sought to avenge her. He was also horrified when he learned that Suguru had become a murderous curse user. Satoru’s ultimate goal is to reform the jujutsu world through education and create a new generation of sorcerers that he hopes will become his equals.

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