Satoru Gojo Twixtor (Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 1)

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Gojo Satoru

Satoru is widely recognized as the most powerful sorcerer in the series, possessing an abundance of cursed energy and an immensely dangerous technique. His skill level appears unmatched by anyone else in the current storyline.

During his time as a student, Satoru and Suguru were both regarded as “the strongest,” capable of swiftly defeating experienced and formidable curse users. However, Satoru’s abilities underwent remarkable growth as he realized and perfected his potential. He became significantly more powerful, overpowering Toji Fushiguro and ultimately killing him with his most formidable technique, whereas previously he and Geto were unable to stand up to the renowned Sorcerer Killer. As Satoru continued to advance, he surpassed Suguru in terms of might, and Suguru acknowledged that Satoru had truly become the strongest on his own. Suguru even admitted that Satoru possessed the capacity to wipe out all of humanity single-handedly, a feat beyond Suguru’s own capabilities. When Satoru prepared to kill him, Suguru made no attempt to fight back, understanding his inability to match Satoru’s strength. However, Satoru ultimately spared his former friend’s life.

In the present, Satoru’s power instilled fear in the higher-ups of the jujutsu society. He could effortlessly compel them to halt the executions of dangerous individuals such as Yuta Okkotsu, a fellow special-grade sorcerer, and Yuji Itadori, the vessel of Sukuna. Satoru confidently claimed that he could eliminate them all and even overthrow the jujutsu society if he so desired. He also asserted that he could defeat Sukuna at his full power.

Kenjaku and his group of special-grade cursed spirits were well aware of Satoru’s formidable power and expertise. Kenjaku himself acknowledged his inability to defeat Gojo in direct combat. Satoru completely overwhelmed and killed Jogo, the strongest member of the group. Merely his presence was enough to force Hanami, another powerful special-grade cursed spirit, to retreat, and Satoru nearly eradicated Hanami with a single attack. Despite Kenjaku and his group devising a plan to confront him, Satoru easily repelled their attacks and overwhelmed them, astonishing them with his exceptional capabilities. He successfully killed Hanami but was eventually defeated when Kenjaku exploited his past connection with Geto, distracting Satoru long enough for the Prison Realm to seal him.

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