Suguru Geto Twixtor (Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 1)

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Suguru Geto

Suguru Geto held a strong disdain for non-sorcerers, often referring to them as “monkeys.” He believed that sorcerers were a superior race and represented the next stage of human evolution. He displayed an arrogant and contemptuous attitude towards regular humans, using deceptive personas to manipulate vulnerable individuals who were cursed. Suguru found non-sorcerers so repulsive that he would even spray himself with disinfectant to rid himself of their “monkey stench.” In his perspective, non-sorcerers had two roles in relation to him: collecting money or collecting curses. If they failed to fulfill these roles, he would willingly let them be killed by curses without remorse.

On the other hand, Suguru had a deep concern for his fellow curse users, considering his commanders as family. They admired Suguru for prioritizing sorcerers as a race and hoped he would become the ruler of the jujutsu world. Despite his condescending nature, Suguru was polite to other jujutsu sorcerers, often assuming false identities. He pretended to befriend Yuta Okkotsu, while secretly planning to kill him in the future. He also insulted one of Yuta’s friends shortly after displaying a friendly demeanor.

Suguru explained to Yuta that sorcerers exist in a paradoxical situation where the strong dominate the weak. Jujutsu sorcerers live to protect non-sorcerers without receiving due appreciation. According to Suguru, in order for humanity to survive as a species and eradicate curses completely, they must realize a world consisting only of sorcerers by eliminating all non-sorcerers.

After defeating Yuta’s classmates, Suguru cried tears of joy and expressed his happiness in witnessing young sorcerers united in protecting one another. With an eerie smile, he exclaimed that it was the kind of world he yearned for. Suguru claimed that he didn’t want to kill Yuta but believed it was necessary for the future realization of his vision.

During his battle with Yuta, Suguru criticized the human tendency to create gods when sorcerers already existed. He perceived non-sorcerers as unwilling to acknowledge the existence of physically superior beings and was disgusted by their arrogant existence. Later, Satoru confronted Suguru, his former best friend, admitting that he trusted Suguru enough not to destroy the potential of young sorcerers.

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