Mei Mei Twixtor Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

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Mei Mei

Mei Mei, a first-grade sorcerer, is highly regarded for her exceptional combat skills. Satoru Gojo, a renowned sorcerer, has acknowledged Mei Mei’s strength, which holds great weight considering he doesn’t casually compliment the strongest sorcerers. Mei Mei’s abilities were so impressive that her colleagues at Jujutsu High found it unusual when one of her missions took longer than usual, leading them to suspect something out of the ordinary had occurred.

Initially, Mei Mei believed she possessed a weak innate technique since it only granted her control over birds. Consequently, she dedicated herself to rigorous training, focusing on becoming a proficient fighter without relying on her innate ability. As a result of her efforts, Mei Mei effortlessly defeated Niji Ebina, a curse user believed to be on par with a semi-grade 1 sorcerer.

After successfully eliminating an assassin sent by Pseudo-Geto, Mei Mei found herself facing a special grade disease curse summoned through cursed spirit manipulation. This curse, known as the Smallpox Deity, trapped Mei Mei within its Domain Expansion, subjecting her to life-threatening conditions that could kill her in a mere three seconds. Mei Mei remarked that it had been a long time since she last felt her life was in danger, implying that she had remained undefeated and uninjured during her tenure as a sorcerer.

Despite being at a significant disadvantage, Mei Mei managed to defeat the special grade disease curse with the assistance of her younger brother. Her intelligence and extensive combat experience enabled her to outmaneuver the cursed spirit and exorcise it. Even Pseudo-Geto, who is considered a formidable opponent, acknowledged Mei Mei’s exceptional skills for a jujutsu sorcerer in the modern era.

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