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Shoko Ieiri

Shoko possesses a remarkably relaxed and indifferent demeanor, especially when contrasted with Kiyotaka Ijichi’s highly strung attitude and Satoru’s excessively playful nature. As a fellow student alongside Satoru and Suguru, she would simply distance herself from escalating conflicts between the two, allowing them to fight while she found amusement in teasing them. For instance, she would mockingly refer to them as “trash” in relation to Utahime Iori or playfully wear Satoru’s sunglasses after he was reprimanded by Masamichi Yaga.

During that period, Shoko seemed to approach situations with a lack of seriousness. She openly smoked in public, disregarding the fact that she was still a high school student. Even when Suguru turned against them, Shoko engaged in casual conversation with him about his actions. She showed no hesitation in questioning Suguru about the accusations and even criticized him for sulking like a child because he felt misunderstood. In fact, she called Satoru to confront Suguru directly in front of him, displaying no fear for her own safety.

In her role as the school doctor, Shoko demonstrates a serious attitude towards her job, although she maintains a stoic demeanor. While Satoru was deeply upset over Yuji Itadori’s demise, Shoko remained detached from personal emotions and focused solely on performing an autopsy. She remarked that Satoru was displaying more emotion than usual.

Interestingly, Shoko often experiences nostalgia for her high school days and occasionally indulges in smoking a cigarette, despite having quit the habit.

When out in the field, Shoko remains composed and unconcerned about the danger of being a high-value target in Shibuya. She is content being protected by a few cursed corpses and assures Yaga that he doesn’t need to personally guard her.

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