Rudeus Twixtor (Mushoku Tensei season 2)

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Redeus Greyrat

Rudeus, in his previous life, was a 34-year-old NEET otaku. He belonged to a well-off family as the fourth child among five siblings and received praise for his intelligence during elementary school. In junior high, he joined the computer club and saved money to build his own computer. However, his excessive focus on tinkering with his computer caused him to neglect his studies. In high school, he experienced severe bullying that led to him dropping out. The bullying incident occurred when he confronted someone who cut in line while he was buying lunch. Unknowingly, the person was an upperclassman who responded with physical violence, humiliation, and spreading derogatory pictures of him. Consequently, he earned the nickname “Pencil Dick”. Although his family tried to motivate him to return to school, he dismissed their efforts. Despite pushing away a classmate who delivered his homework and cared for him, there was at least one peer with whom he had a good relationship.

He continued his reclusive lifestyle, relying on his family’s support, for two decades. However, this toxic existence reached its breaking point when his parents passed away, and he refused to attend their funeral. This led his siblings to disown him and evict him from the family home, leaving him homeless and destitute. Lost and penniless, he wandered aimlessly through the streets, contemplating his life choices. Eventually, he encountered three high-schoolers engaged in a heated argument on a road. Observing a truck speeding towards them, he summoned his remaining strength and pushed one of them to safety. Tragically, this act resulted in him getting struck by the truck and losing his life. When he awoke next, he found himself reincarnated as a newborn in the Six-Faced World. Recognizing this as a second chance, he resolved to live his new life to the fullest.

Due to his past experiences, Rudeus is cautious not to become arrogant or lose control. As a result, he possesses a high degree of self-awareness and humility, as he is determined not to revert to his previous self. He is a kind-hearted individual who willingly assists his friends and protects his family whenever necessary. People hold high expectations of him due to his proficiency in various fields. Rudeus is known for being excessively polite towards others, which can sometimes make them uncomfortable.

Retaining the moral compass from his past life, he feels conflicted about the idea of taking someone’s life. However, when it comes to protecting his loved ones, he exhibits aggression and a fierce determination. Despite his strong perverted tendencies, his family and friends still hold affection for him because he consistently takes care of them. Although he possesses considerable magical abilities and great potential in battle, he often lacks confidence when confronted with enemies.

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