Zom 100 Twixtor (Zom100 : Bucket List of the Dead Episode 1)

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Akira Tendou

Akira is a young man who is physically fit with short, scruffy black hair and matching eyes. He can be seen wearing a green jacket over a white long-sleeved shirt, black pants, and multi-colored shoes. Initially, Akira had a positive outlook on life with dreams and optimistic views. However, after working in a black company for several years, he became stressed and tired to the point of being suicidal. When the zombie apocalypse began, Akira felt a sense of liberation and tried to live life to the fullest with childlike excitement. He realized that his life could end at any moment, so he let go of all the restraints that his previous life had imposed on him. This allowed him to express his feelings and desires that had been suppressed during his abusive and exploitative work life. As a result, Akira lives in the moment and makes decisions that may not be optimal or efficient, but allow him to experience the joys of life that he was previously unable to enjoy.

Akira’s physical abilities are exceptional due to his past as a rugby athlete. He can easily outrun zombies and jump over obstacles without losing momentum. He can also climb down buildings without getting injured. In the anime, he is shown jumping from several stories high and landing without sustaining any injuries, albeit with the help of trees cushioning his fall. When he confronts his former boss, who has turned into a zombie and become extremely bloated, Akira tackles him with incredible strength, pushing him through the door and window frame, causing him to plummet to his death.

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