Satoru Gojo Twixtor (Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 2)

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Satoru Gojo

Satoru is a multifaceted individual with contrasting behaviors and attitudes. While he appears relaxed and playful with his students, close colleagues, and friends, he displays a callous and merciless demeanor towards sorcerer executives, such as Principal Gakuganji, as well as his enemies.

Confidence in his own abilities and reputation as a formidable sorcerer defines Satoru’s character, leading him to believe he is invincible. He assesses others primarily based on their strength, showing indifference towards those he deems weak. Additionally, his desire for power fuels his arrogance. Satoru firmly believes he is the strongest in the world, a claim he emphasizes during his fight with Toji Fushiguro, stating that he alone is the most honored across heaven and earth. This arrogance is evident when he is assigned to protect Riko Amanai, someone he genuinely develops compassion for despite considering her weak. However, any empathy he feels for her death is quickly overshadowed by his overwhelming pride and arrogance after perfecting his reverse cursed technique in his subsequent battle against Toji Fushiguro.

In intense battles, Satoru occasionally succumbs to a frenzied fighting state driven by his unwavering determination to prove his unmatched strength. His combat style is characterized by aggressive and dominating attacks, accompanied by a flaunting display of his mastered techniques to intimidate opponents. Furthermore, in critical situations, he can be ruthless, prioritizing the destruction of his enemies over the safety of innocent people when he believes sacrifices are unavoidable. However, this callousness is limited to those directly harmed by his opponents, as he refrains from causing lasting harm or killing innocent individuals to gain an advantage.

Nevertheless, beneath his arrogance and power, Satoru possesses a more human side. After defeating Toji, Satoru retrieves Riko’s lifeless body with a mournful expression, indicating that his recent triumph had momentarily clouded his emotions but did not erase his grief over her death. He harbors a desire to eliminate the Star Religious members who mock Riko’s demise, although Suguru Geto, whom he relies on as a moral compass at the time, prevents him from taking action. Furthermore, Satoru experiences visible horror and panic upon discovering that Suguru, his sole best friend, has become a murderous curse user. He attempts to reason with his friend but eventually acknowledges and accepts the loss of the one person he truly considered his equal. Having to confront and end Suguru before more calamity occurs deeply traumatizes Satoru, leading to his ultimate downfall in Shibuya. He is also distraught when he believes Yuji has perished.

Satoru’s ultimate objective is to revolutionize the jujutsu world through education, starting from its foundations. He aspires to nurture a new generation of sorcerers who will eventually stand as his equals.

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