Fushiguro Toji Season 2 Episode 2 Twixtor clips

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Fushiguro Toji

Toji, despite being a non-curse user with no natural talent for jujutsu, was one of the most skilled fighters in the jujutsu world during his lifetime. His physical abilities surpassed all others in his path, allowing him to take on the most dangerous and highly-ranked jujutsu practitioners of his era. Toji defeated special-grade jujutsu users on three separate occasions, including a young Satoru Gojo, who was considered one of the strongest sorcerers in the world at the time. He also effortlessly took down the curse manipulator Suguru Geto along with several of his strongest cursed spirits. Toji was known as the “Sorcerer Killer” for using the jujutsu knowledge from the Zenin family against sorcerers. He successfully assassinated the Star Plasma Vessel during the Star Plasma Vessel Escort Mission by luring the escort team into a false sense of security before making his move. Toji was able to defeat powerful curses with a single stroke of his blade and even successfully pulled off a surprise attack on a user of the prestigious Six Eyes ocular jujutsu. However, Toji was ultimately defeated when he faced off against Satoru Gojo’s Limitless technique.

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