Buddha Vs Zerofuku Twixtor (Record of Ragnarok)

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The physical appearance of Buddha is that of a tall and muscular man wearing a tank top and glasses, with robes tied around his waist and hands. He wears a bindi on his forehead and has light green hair, black on the sides, tied back in a traditional manner with a golden crown. Buddha also sports earrings, elongated earlobes, and sharp canines. He is often seen sucking on a lollipop and his tank top features a rabbit design with the word “USACHAN” below it, possibly referencing the Buddhist tale of the moon rabbit as a symbol of altruism. Buddha’s eyes usually lack pupils and are completely black, but occasionally, a lily appears in each eye, representing the seven lilies that appeared when he took his first steps. After his battle in Ragnarok, Buddha now wears an eye patch on his left eye and a new tank top with the same rabbit design, but with their eyes and mouth closed and the word “OYASUMI” written below it.

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