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Gojo Satoru

Satoru is a multi-faceted individual who exhibits varying behaviors towards different people. He is amicable and playful with his students, close colleagues, and friends, but can be ruthless and unsympathetic towards sorcerer executives and his adversaries. Satoru is self-assured in his abilities and reputation as a powerful sorcerer, which gives him a sense of invincibility. He assesses others based on their strength and remains indifferent to those he perceives as weak. His arrogance originates from his desire for power, and he considers himself to be the strongest in the world. During intense battles, Satoru can become frenzied and is driven by his determination to demonstrate his strength. He has an aggressive fighting style and flaunts his mastered techniques to his opponents. In a crisis, he can be unemotional and prioritize the destruction of his enemies over saving innocent people when he deems it necessary. However, he will not harm or kill anyone innocent to gain an advantage. Despite his pride and strength, Satoru is more humane than he appears. He grieves the loss of a weak person he became fond of and aims to reform the jujutsu world through education to create a new generation of sorcerers who can be his equals.

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