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Toji Fushiguro

Toji is a composed and self-assured individual who earns a living by utilizing his skills and not getting bothered by trivial matters. He enjoys engaging in meaningful discussions, especially if they relate to him, and can exchange witty banter with sarcastic individuals like Satoru Gojo. When Satoru asked if they had met before, Toji responded that he wasn’t the type to remember random encounters either. In battle, he appears to be thrilled by the fight, sporting a wild expression, yet he remains cool-headed, always calculating his next move.

He is known as the “Sorcerer Killer,” working as an assassin and gambling between assignments for shady clients. He once married a woman but left her and their newborn child, not even knowing their gender and eventually forgetting their name. Toji even planned on selling his child, Megumi, back to the Zenin family he had abandoned, exploiting the young boy for his inherited cursed technique.

Toji is confident even when facing dangerous threats and doesn’t question his clients’ motives as long as he’s paid appropriately. He is bold and strategic, using his knowledge of jujutsu to outsmart even the most powerful sorcerers. This reputation led him to be recruited by the Time Vessel Association for a crucial job that could shape their future. Though he found the religious members of the organization eccentric, he got along well with their middleman.

He has suffered due to the interests of sorcerer clans, similar to Maki Zenin, despite not being a sorcerer himself. His negative actions stem from his rejection by the jujutsu world, and he harbors resentment towards it. Initially, he changed his ways after marrying a woman named “Fushiguro,” but after her death, he returned to his cold and heartless self. Despite this, he saw potential in his son Megumi to become a real sorcerer and sold him to the Zenin family, naming him “Megumi” to signify blessings.

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