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Riko Amanai

Riko is discovered to be a suitable match for merging with Tengen, and she has no objections to it. While waiting with Misato for Suguru Geto and Satoru Gojo at a certain location, they are unexpectedly attacked by soldiers from the Q group. Thankfully, Geto and Gojo arrive in time to rescue Riko from the assailants. After the Q soldiers are defeated, Riko regains consciousness and expresses curiosity about Geto and Gojo. Misato informs her about their identities, and they all wonder why Riko has become so spirited lately. Riko explains her perspective on merging with Tengen and becomes upset when they seem uninterested in her feelings. However, she suddenly realizes that she’s late for school and requests that they take her there.

Once at school, Riko attends her classes without Geto and Gojo by her side. During music class, Gojo shows up and takes her away when intruders invade the school. While on their way to the college, they encounter an intruder capable of cloning. After Gojo deals with the intruder, Riko receives a phone call notifying her that Misato has been captured by the enemy. She informs Gojo about the situation, and they decide to plan a rescue mission for Misato. Together, they travel to Okinawa and successfully free Misato. They decide to enjoy some time in Okinawa before heading back.

On their departure day, Riko convinces the group to stay for an extra day. The next day, as they are leaving Okinawa, they are suddenly attacked by Toji Fushiguro. Misato and Geto quickly get Riko to safety inside the college while Gojo faces Toji. Once inside the Tombs of the Star Corridor, Riko bids a tearful farewell to Misato. Riko and Geto venture deeper into the tomb, leaving Misato behind.

In the main chamber of the tomb, Geto provides Riko with directions to find Tengen. At this moment, Riko confesses that although she was initially fine with the merging, she now wants to spend more time with everyone as they are. Geto offers to take her away, but suddenly, Toji shoots Riko in the head. Following Geto’s defeat, Riko’s body is taken to the headquarters of the Star Religious Group. Later on, Gojo retrieves Riko’s body from the Star Religious Group.

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