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Shinji Hirako

Shinji, a character in the story, has brown eyes and blonde hair that is cut straight and falls to his jaw. He often shows his upper teeth in his facial expressions. When trying to recruit Ichigo, he wears a standard school uniform with trousers, shirt, tie, newsboy cap, and long coat. He also has a round ring on his tongue. In his previous role as a captain in the Soul Society, he had long hair that reached his lower back and wore the standard Shinigami shihakushō with a captain’s haori. After becoming a Visored, he kept his hair short with a straight-line cut, but the bangs are now asymmetrical with the left side being longer than the right. Before the Wandenreich’s invasion of Soul Society, Shinji added a white robe between his haori and uniform and replaced his tie with a broader cravat that is clasped using a small silver slide.

Around 110 years ago, Shinji, who was then the captain of the 5th Division, was getting ready to attend Kisuke Urahara’s promotion ceremony when his lieutenant, Sōsuke Aizen, interrupted him. They had a debate about the necessity of wearing different clothes for the event. Shinji also introduced Aizen to jazz music, which was popular in the World of the Living at the time. Later, when they arrived at the ceremony, they were greeted by Lieutenant Hiyori Sarugaki of the 12th Division, who tried to attack Shinji but was stopped by Captain Love Aikawa of the 7th Division. As they entered, Shinji taunted Hiyori and commented on the absence of the 11th Division. Love explained that it was because their captain, known as the 10th ‘Kenpachi’, did what he wanted and nobody could control him. Shinji criticized this and questioned why such a loose cannon was allowed to become a captain. Love explained that it was a legacy and would not change anytime soon. The conversation was interrupted by the arrival of three more captains, including Shunsui Kyōraku, who accused them of gossiping. Shinji observed their discussion about the length of their captaincy and the previous 12th Division captain.

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