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Suguru Geto

Suguru Geto had a strong dislike for non-sorcerers and often referred to them as “monkeys”. He believed that sorcerers were superior to humans and represented the next stage of human evolution. He held a condescending attitude towards normal humans and would use fake identities to lure in vulnerable people who were cursed. Suguru found non-sorcerers so repulsive that he would even spray himself to disinfect the “monkey stench”. He believed that non-sorcerers had only two roles in relation to him, either collecting money or collecting curses. If they failed to fulfill their roles, Suguru would have no qualms about allowing curses to kill them.

On the other hand, Suguru deeply cared for his fellow curse users and considered his commanders as family. They looked up to him for prioritizing sorcerers as a race and hoped that he would become the king of the jujutsu world. Suguru was even polite to jujutsu sorcerers, although he usually expressed this under one of his fake personas. He pretended to befriend Yuta Okkotsu with the intention of killing him in the future and insulted one of his friends shortly after expressing a friendly attitude.

Suguru explained to Yuta that sorcerers lived in a paradox where the strong ruled over the weak. Jujutsu sorcerers existed to serve non-sorcerers without receiving any appreciation. In order to ensure the survival of humanity as a species and eradicate curses completely, Suguru believed that humanity must realize a world consisting only of sorcerers by exterminating all non-sorcerers. He even cried tears of joy when he witnessed young sorcerers protecting each other.

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