Toji vs Gojo Twixtor Clips For Editing (Round 2)

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Satoru is a man in his late twenties who is tall, lean, and muscular with attractive facial features. He has snow-white hair and vibrant blue Six Eyes, which he usually covers with a black blindfold. When he’s not wearing the blindfold, he wears sunglasses and lets his hair down to the base of his neck. Satoru likes to wear expensive clothing and has a casual style that he pairs with his sunglasses. As a student at Tokyo Jujutsu High, he wore the normal school uniform with his sunglasses before he started wearing a blindfold.

In his work, Satoru wears a dark blue zip-up jacket with a wide collar, slim-fit black pants, and black dress boots. He used to wear bandages over his eyes before switching to a blindfold. In 2006, as a Jujutsu High student, he looked quite different from his current appearance.

Satoru is a complex person with a nonchalant and playful attitude towards his students, close colleagues, and friends. However, he can be cruel towards sorcerer executives and his enemies. He is confident in his abilities and reputation as a powerful sorcerer and believes himself to be invincible. He is quite apathetic towards anyone he deems weak and is greatly influenced by his own desire for power, which makes him very arrogant.

During intense battles, Satoru falls into a frenzied fighting state urged by his determination for victory and proof that he alone is the strongest. His combative style is characterized by hi…[omitted]

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