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Baki Hanma

Throughout the majority of the series, Baki is depicted as a carefree and laid-back teenage boy who is also incredibly dedicated to his training. He harbors a strong desire to defeat his father, Yuujirou Hanma, who is widely recognized as the strongest man alive. Baki’s ultimate goal, however, is not to surpass his father in strength but rather to become powerful enough to defeat him. This ambition is fueled by his natural inclination to surpass his father and seek vengeance for the murder of his mother, Emi Akezawa.

Baki diligently trains day and night, constantly striving to improve his skills. As a well-known martial artist within the Underground Arena, he frequently finds himself involved in fights with various opponents, sometimes intentionally seeking them out, while other times the circumstances lead to encounters unexpectedly. He understands that the quickest path to becoming stronger is by facing opponents who are more powerful than him, as it activates the potential within his Hanma bloodline and allows him to learn from the experience. However, he comes to realize that his approach to combat differs significantly from his father’s. Baki believes in building relationships with formidable opponents to gain strength, whereas Yuujirou advocates a brutal and ruthless approach to achieve absolute power. This difference in philosophy often leads to clashes between Baki and his father, who disapproves of his son’s compassion towards opponents.

Baki’s deep affection and respect for those close to him, especially his girlfriend Kozue Matsumoto, are evident. He becomes fiercely protective when she faces threats, as shown when he pursued and defeated Sikorsky after he kidnapped Kozue. As the series progresses, it becomes apparent that Kozue is a significant source of strength for Baki, offering constant love and emotional support. However, their relationship encounters complications when Mohammad Alai Jr. tries to win Kozue’s affection, leading to changes in their dynamic.

In terms of martial prowess, Baki is exceptionally intelligent and resourceful. He employs various combat styles simultaneously when facing opponents, using clever and tactical strategies to gain the upper hand, such as using his blood to blind foes or delivering precise punches to disrupt their senses. Baki’s imagination is also an asset, as he can visualize and interact with mental representations of creatures and individuals, enabling him to develop new techniques and stances without physical practice. While highly skilled in martial arts, his dedication to training often takes precedence over his formal education, resulting in him sleeping in class frequently.

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