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Toji Fushiguro

Toji is a composed and self-assured individual who earns a living through his skills, never letting minor issues bother him. He enjoys engaging in insightful conversations, especially if they relate to him in some way, and can exchange witty banter with sarcastic personalities like Satoru Gojo. When asked by Satoru if they had met before, Toji dismissed the idea, claiming not to remember random encounters.

In combat, Toji displays a wild and exhilarated expression, seemingly immersed in the thrill of the fight. Nevertheless, he remains cool-headed and calculated, always planning his next move carefully.

Toji is notorious as an assassin, known as the “Sorcerer Killer,” and spends his time gambling while taking assignments from shady clients. He married a woman but quickly abandoned her, leaving behind their newborn child without even knowing their gender and eventually forgetting their name. Toji even planned to sell his child, Megumi, to the Zenin family he had left, exploiting the young one for the cursed technique he would inherit.

Despite his ruthless nature, Toji is confident even when facing dangerous threats and doesn’t question his client’s motives as long as he gets paid. He relies on his jujutsu knowledge to outsmart even the most renowned sorcerers, which earned him the attention of the Time Vessel Association for a significant job. Although he considers the religious members of the organization crazy, he develops a decent rapport with their middleman.

As a non-sorcerer raised in the Zenin family, Toji shares a similar suffering with Maki Zenin due to the sorcerer clans’ interests. His resentment towards the jujutsu world drives his malevolent actions as he tries to defy it. Initially, he underwent positive changes through the influence of his wife, but after her passing, he returned to his cold and heartless self. He named his son Megumi, hoping the child would bring blessings, and sold him to the Zenin family to exploit his potential as a sorcerer.

Toji’s final mission for the Time Vessel Association led him to confront a rejuvenated Satoru Gojo. Despite the option to retreat, he chose to confront the most gifted sorcerer out of pride and to spite the jujutsu world. Sadly, this decision cost him his life, as he disregarded his instincts and overlooked the uneasiness he felt during the fight.

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