Megumi Meets Gojo Twixtor Clips Episode 5

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Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi faced a formidable Finger Bearer for the second time and made a conscious decision to break out of his old habits. He summoned the strength to utilize Domain Expansion and defeat the special grade, unlocking his true potential. Later, when he was severely injured by the curse user Haruta Shigemo in Shibuya, Megumi summoned the uncontrollable Mahoraga as a last resort to take down his opponent. Despite Satoru’s warning of the dangers of using Ten Shadows Technique and Limitless at once, Megumi was confident in his abilities and accepted his fate, determined to take Shigemo with him. After recovering, Megumi discovered that Tsumiki was trapped in the Culling Game and requested Yuji’s help to rescue her. He reminded Yuji of their duty as sorcerers to save people and urged him to start by saving Sukuna. However, when Yuji asked about Nobara’s injuries, Megumi struggled to reveal the truth. Despite all of this, Megumi had no interest in taking over as head of the Zenin clan, choosing instead to focus on his duties as a sorcerer.

Megumi is an individual who appears stoic, aloof, and calculating on the outside. He maintains a neutral facial expression and takes every situation seriously. This is in contrast to the outgoing and goofy personalities of Yuji, Nobara, and Satoru, which often irritate Megumi. Yuji has observed that Megumi always seems slightly angry. As a child, Megumi was very serious and thoughtful, to the point where Satoru questioned his age. He was uninterested in becoming a sorcerer and only agreed to join the Zenin clan if it made his friend Tsumiki happy. In middle school, Megumi developed an impersonal attitude and believed becoming a sorcerer was pointless. However, he still believed in avoiding violating someone else’s dignity and would beat up bullies who did not follow this rule. Megumi eventually realized that his way of thinking was immature and wrong. After Tsumiki was cursed, he felt regret and decided to become a sorcerer to save her.

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