Yuki Tsukumo Twixtor (Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 5)

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Yuki Tsukumo

Yuki is an easygoing and playful individual who maintains a strong, bold, and high-energy demeanor. She exudes confidence, boldness, and outspokenness, fearlessly expressing her thoughts whenever she desires. Yuki may not conform to traditional notions of femininity, yet she possesses a resilient self-assuredness that drives her to convey herself regardless of others’ opinions. Even in grave circumstances, Yuki’s cheerful and relaxed attitude remains unwavering.

The outspoken Aoi Todo adopted his iconic question, “What type of girls do you like?” from her. She posed this query during his early years in grade school, intrigued by how a young, robust boy could grow bored after defeating an older opponent. Yuki took Todo under her wing, introducing him to an entirely new realm of excitement. Yuki’s personal preference leans towards hardworking, tough individuals who aren’t afraid to engage in hands-on work.

Suguru proposes the eradication of all non-sorcerers (Anime)
Yuki engages in a discussion about curse nature with her fellow special grade sorcerers.

In 2007, Yuki sought out Satoru Gojo to connect with someone of similar status and experiences. Her encounter led her to Geto, who informed her of her reputation as a carefree sorcerer who wanders abroad. Yuki humorously sulked in response but made it clear that she disregards the opinions of Jujutsu Headquarters. Yuki’s goal is the complete elimination of curses, and she believes that Jujutsu Headquarters merely addresses the symptoms.

Yuki’s perspective sparked a profound dialogue with Suguru Geto regarding curse eradication. Her unintentional influence led Geto to contemplate exterminating all non-sorcerers to rid the world of cursed spirits. While Yuki acknowledged this as a viable option, she also emphasized her refusal to partake in such an approach. Observing Geto’s moral struggle as a sorcerer, Yuki advised him to confront his feelings about the opposing side in order to find resolution, even providing solace regarding Riko Amanai’s demise.

Yuki proposes a departure from cursed energy
Yuki challenges Kenjaku’s vision for the future of humanity and cursed energy.

Years later, Yuki resumed her conversation with “Geto” in Shibuya, delving deeper into her ideals concerning the world of jujutsu. She envisions the next phase of human evolution as a complete detachment from cursed energy. Rejecting Kenjaku’s plan to exploit humans as resources, resulting in widespread suffering, Yuki declared this path as incompatible with her vision for the world she strives to create.

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