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Suguru Geto

Suguru, a student of jujutsu, initially shared the belief with his best friend Satoru that jujutsu sorcerers existed to safeguard those without sorcery abilities. However, their differing viewpoints led to disagreements and conflicts in their youth. Despite these clashes, Suguru and Satoru remained close friends, motivating each other to excel and facing challenges together.

Suguru was known for his kindness and proper demeanor, contrasting with Satoru’s rudeness. Despite their occasional differences, they supported one another and aimed to achieve greatness together. Their strong bond began to shift after the tragic death of Riko Amanai. Suguru was deeply affected by the callous response of the Star Religious Group to her passing, which made him reconsider his convictions about killing.

As time passed, Suguru struggled to uphold his original beliefs. Satoru became increasingly powerful on his own, while Suguru embarked on riskier solo missions. He questioned his actions and the purpose behind them, especially after witnessing the Star Religious Group’s behavior. Yuki Tsukumo enlightened him about the connection between non-sorcerers and curses, leading Suguru to contemplate a radical solution: eliminating non-sorcerers.

When asked about his feelings toward non-sorcerers, Suguru found himself uncertain. He admitted to doubting the value of protecting them and struggled to differentiate between their strengths and weaknesses. He compared being a jujutsu sorcerer to a marathon with an unclear finish line. Yuki advised him to choose between his commitment to being a jujutsu sorcerer and his condescending perspective towards non-sorcerers.

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