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Gear 5

The Gomu Gomu no Mi, previously known as the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika, grants the user’s body rubber-like properties, increasing their strength and flexibility, allowing them to fight in any manner they choose. This power is described as “the most ridiculous power in the world,” and the user becomes known as the “Warrior of Liberation,” spreading joy and freedom to those around them. In this state, Luffy’s heartbeat takes on a musical rhythm, referred to as the “Drums of Liberation,” and his appearance changes with white hair, clothes, and red ring-like pupils.

As an awakened Zoan, Luffy gains incredible strength, speed, and durability, surpassing those with un-awakened Zoan powers. He can fight and defeat powerful enemies like Kaidou and Rob Lucci’s awakened Zoan form with ease. His durability is also noteworthy as he can recover quickly from attacks and injuries even when unconscious. In Gear 5, Luffy’s physical abilities are almost absurd as he can run through midair and create fire in his wake and turn into a burrowing drill.

Luffy’s rubbery body gains freedom and flexibility in this form, surpassing his previous forms’ capabilities. His body is now even cartoonishly malleable, allowing him to warp and wrap around weapons or surfaces to avoid damage. He can also inflate his limbs and muscles without pumping air into his body, greatly increasing his strength. Luffy can manipulate the environment around him by making surfaces rubbery to cushion himself from powerful blows or bounce off them to launch himself. His power can also affect organic material, as shown when Kaidou swallowed him whole.

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