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Yuji Itadori

Yuji is a just individual who genuinely cares for both his companions and anyone he sees as individuals with their own agency, regardless of the depth of his relationship with them. He deeply values “the sanctity of life” and ensures that others receive a dignified passing. Due to this belief, he considers it morally wrong to end another person’s life and strives to avoid such actions unless it’s a last resort.

He also possesses lively and outgoing qualities. He often engages in humorous interactions, like his conversations with Nobara about Tokyo or his enthusiasm for training with Gojo. He’s equally enthusiastic when interacting with Junpei and his mother. Yuji becomes highly motivated and stubborn when pursuing specific objectives, even when questioned, as demonstrated by his determination to become a sorcerer when confronted by Yaga. Despite his lack of experience with cursed spirits and jujutsu sorcerers, he’s quick to learn, adapting to new situations and mastering the use of cursed energy rapidly.

Although usually calm, kind-hearted, and amiable, Yuji’s temper flares when faced with extreme malevolence, particularly after witnessing the brutal exploitation of Junpei by the cursed spirit Mahito. This experience ignites within Yuji a genuine desire for vengeance, marking the first time he has felt such intense hatred and a willingness to kill.

Yuji’s willingness to sacrifice himself for the well-being of others is a fundamental aspect of his character, influenced by his grandfather’s final words encouraging him to pass away in the company of others. When confronted with the danger of a curse threatening him and Megumi, Yuji instinctively consumes Sukuna’s finger to banish the curse and save both of them, even though he had just met Megumi that day.

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