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 Suguru Geto

Geto, alongside Satoru Gojo and Shoko Ieiri, was a student at the magic college. In his second year, they went to check on Mei Mei and Utahime after losing contact for two days. After rescuing them and dealing with a spirit, Geto joined a meeting with Shoko and Gojo, where Masamichi reprimanded Gojo for not using a protective screen.

Later, Geto, Gojo, and Shoko conversed in a classroom about the importance of protection. This led to a disagreement between Geto and Gojo about strong versus weak, culminating in a fight. Masamichi arrived, assigning them a mission from Tengen, stressing its significance and the need to watch out for opposing groups. After the briefing, Geto and Gojo set out.

Upon reaching the mission site to retrieve a vessel, an explosion occurred, endangering the vessel. Geto managed to save her with Gojo’s assistance. An individual named Kokun, a Q soldier, confronted Geto but was swiftly defeated. Geto revealed Gojo’s victory over Kokun’s comrade. Upon Riko awakening, Geto and Gojo introduced themselves and engaged in a conversation, during which Riko explained her determination to merge with Tengen.

The Escort group enjoyed a relaxing time at a beach in Okinawa.

Riko requested to be taken to her Junior High, prompting communication with Masamichi. After consulting him, they checked surveillance spirits, with Geto informing Gojo that two had been exorcised. Geto confronted intruders, defeating one and initiating an interrogation.

Upon completing the interrogation, Geto joined Misato to discuss Riko’s whereabouts. Another intruder escaped, leading Geto to inform Gojo about the situation. When Misato got kidnapped, Geto convened with Gojo and Riko to plan their next steps.

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