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Sukuna displays characteristics of selfishness, cold-heartedness, immorality, and extreme sadism. Upon his reincarnation shortly after Yuji consumed his finger, he made disturbing comments suggesting violence towards women and children, likening them to crawling maggots. His vast power often leads him to disregard the consequences of his actions, even if they negatively impact his host, Yuji Itadori. Sukuna frequently mocks and belittles Yuji, referring to him as a child and taking pleasure in witnessing Yuji’s despair on numerous occasions.

Sukuna is fully aware of his immense strength and carries an air of arrogance about it. He demonstrates this by inflicting cruelty upon a bearer of his finger while condescendingly asserting his superiority. This arrogance extends to his opponents, as he rarely considers them genuine threats, openly claiming that he would confront and eliminate Satoru Gojo. Despite these brutal tendencies, Sukuna possesses significant intelligence and manipulative skills. He seized control of Yuji’s body by removing his heart, coercing him into a Binding Vow. Furthermore, Sukuna can acknowledge and even commend his adversaries, as evidenced by his recognition of Jogo’s strength before defeating him and advising Jogo to take pride in it.

During his exchange with Yuji within Megumi’s possessed body, Sukuna communicates his perspective that humans are insignificant creatures resembling insects. He likens humans to fragile insects and suggests that they should endure life’s suffering without questioning it, deeming their weakness as the reason for their inability to grasp true happiness. He questions how creatures so delicate that they crumble at a mere touch can claim a persistent desire for happiness, thus displaying his disregard for human emotions and their pursuit of life’s meaning.

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