Kenpachi Zaraki vs Gremmy Twixtor

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Kenpachi Zaraki

Despite his reputation as a violent individual who pursues his own interests, Zaraki’s actions often align with positive outcomes. His primary passion is combat, and he derives immense enjoyment from engaging in battles. He even intentionally holds back during fights to prolong the excitement. He holds the belief that injury and death are mere costs for the thrill of a good fight. Despite his inclination towards brutality, he typically halts a confrontation if his adversary becomes too injured to continue, as he has no interest in battling those he deems “weak” and incapable of putting up a fight. He refrains from delivering fatal blows to opponents who are no longer capable of fighting. Nevertheless, if an opponent persists in combat, such as in his confrontations with Kaname Tōsen and Nnoitra Gilga, he will not hesitate to take their life.

Zaraki firmly values enjoyment over work. For instance, he assigns his fifth-ranking officer, Yumichika, to handle a situation involving Bount in Karakura Town because Yumichika is the only high-ranking officer available, since the others are occupied with their own amusements. During his leisure time, Zaraki consistently takes his afternoon nap. While he doesn’t have a specific favorite dish, he harbors a strong dislike for nattō.

Zaraki demonstrates consistent respect for those who can challenge his abilities or even defeat him. Since his defeat by Ichigo Kurosaki, which was his first known loss since his encounter with Retsu Unohana, Zaraki considers Ichigo a member of his Division. Despite Ichigo’s refusal to engage in a rematch due to their alliance, Zaraki frequently expresses his desire for another battle whenever they meet. He aids Ichigo in battles like the one against the Bount, with the aim of strengthening Ichigo for their anticipated future fight. Zaraki also deeply reveres Unohana, the sole person he admires, as she introduced him to the exhilaration of battle. He acknowledges their similarities and is deeply moved by the thought of not being able to surpass her before her death. Zaraki’s accidental killing of Unohana devastates him, prompting him to plead for her survival.

At times, Zaraki contradicts his own fighting principles. Despite his aspiration to grow stronger, he employs tactics to limit his power and extend battles, such as fighting with only one hand. Despite his love for combat, Zaraki possesses intricate emotions. He shares a close, father-daughter-like bond with his lieutenant, Yachiru, demonstrating that she is among the few individuals he genuinely cares for. However, he has warned that he would deal with his subordinates first if they interfere in his fights. Apart from Yachiru, Zaraki holds significant value in his name. Following his fight with Ichigo, Zaraki reflects on the pain of living without a name during his early years. This compels him to feel remorseful for his sword, which lacks a recognized name. Consequently, he strives to uncover its identity.

After inadvertently killing Unohana and realizing he can never cross swords with his revered adversary again, Zaraki experiences remorse for the first time in his life. This coupled with his discovery of his Zanpakutō’s name leads to a newfound sense of calmness and focus. While he maintains his fervor for battles and remains uninterested in specifics, he becomes more open to reason. For instance, he abandons his solo search for his missing lieutenant after Nanao Ise persuades him that having his division conduct the search is more practical. Similarly, he displays heightened concern for Yachiru; upon realizing she’s gone missing, he urgently orders his subordinates to locate her.

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