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Ryomen Sukuna

Ryomen Sukuna commanded both fear and reverence during his era as the foremost potent sorcerer, captivating the attention of all. His might surpassed all others, as he vanquished countless Jujutsu sorcerers who dared to challenge him, even as they honed their skills in opposition. Among his remarkable feats, he single-handedly obliterated both the Sun-Moon-Stars and the Five Empty Generals, elite factions of the Fujiwara Clan’s Subjugation Units, reducing their remains to an unidentifiable state. This spectacle left Japan’s authorities so horrified that they deemed it fit to hold celebrations in his honor.

Sukuna’s profound impact on history led him to be posthumously hailed as the “Strongest Sorcerer In History” and the “King of Curses,” standing as the most potent Cursed Spirit to ever exist. His power retained such reverence that even Satoru Gojo, the contemporary era’s mightiest jujutsu sorcerer, recognized his strength despite his own overwhelming confidence and pride, conceding that a confrontation between them would be arduous.

Exceeding his titles, Sukuna possessed an abundance of cursed energy and impeccable command over it, coupled with an exceptional mastery of jujutsu. However, his might extended beyond these arts; he exhibited astounding physical prowess, capable of subduing adversaries without unveiling his true cursed technique.

Even at his most weakened state following his manifestation within Yuji’s body, Sukuna remained remarkably potent. Despite missing most of his fingers, he effortlessly dispatched formidable cursed spirits, including one that had consumed his finger, which he effortlessly reclaimed. In an intentionally handicapped bout where he removed Yuji’s heart to prevent a switch, Sukuna soundly defeated Megumi Fushiguro, bearer of the Zenin Clan’s prized Ten Shadows Technique. Megumi, a prodigious sorcerer of immense potential, acknowledged his profound disadvantage and even contemplated employing Mahoraga, his ultimate technique. Sukuna’s interest in Megumi’s unique abilities saved him from a fatal blow, but just before battling Megumi’s trump card, Yuji regained control.

Sought after by Mahito’s faction under the belief that his revival would secure their triumph, Sukuna, with a mere three fingers, demonstrated an overwhelming supremacy over Mahito. He withstood Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration effortlessly and inflicted severe wounds on Mahito when provoked, even dispelling his Self-Embodiment of Perfection with a single strike. This encounter left Mahito terrified and captivated, convinced that Sukuna’s resurrection would usher in an era dominated by curses.

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