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During the Androids Saga, Gohan’s hair grew longer, reaching his thighs, and he modified his Namekian outfit by adding black kung-fu shoes and white shins. While training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, he wore Battle Armor from Planet Namek without shoulder pads. After leaving the Time Chamber, he became taller, trimmed the back of his hair to nape-length, and developed more muscles for his age. For the Cell Games, he switched to Piccolo’s clothing with weighted shoulder pads and a white cape, and his hair became spiky like Goku’s. His outfit in Bojack Unbound was the same as Goku’s in the Androids Saga and Majin Buu Saga.

As a young adult, Gohan became similar in height to his father and had shorter spiky hair with a single bang hanging over the right side of his forehead. He looked skinnier due to slacking off in training but remained muscular. He alternated between a school uniform, Great Saiyaman costume, and blue gi with a red obi tied at his left hip. His wrist bands and shin guards were red but were white in Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second Coming. During the Buu Saga, Kibito gave him Kai clothing to wear. In his fight against Super Buu and reunion with his father and Vegeta after defeating Kid Buu, Gohan wore an outfit identical to his father’s. He wore a blue suit at the party celebrating Kid Buu’s defeat.

As an adult at the end of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan’s hair was similar to the Buu Arc except for the bang that resembled Yamcha’s hairstyle from the Androids Saga. In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Gohan wore glasses, a blue vest with a long white undershirt, brown slacks, and black shoes.

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