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Satoru is a multifaceted individual who displays a nonchalant and playful demeanor towards his students, close colleagues, and friends, but exhibits unsympathetic and cruel behavior towards sorcerer executives and his enemies, such as Principal Gakuganji. He is extremely confident in his abilities as a powerful sorcerer and considers himself invincible, often judging others solely based on their strength and displaying apathy towards those he deems weak. Satoru’s arrogance is greatly influenced by his desire for power, and he firmly believes that he is the strongest in the world. He has even claimed that he alone is the honored one throughout the heavens and earth. While he has shown compassion for some weaker individuals, such as Riko Amanai, any empathy for their deaths is quickly negated by his pride and arrogance. During intense battles, Satoru can become frenzied and aggressive, driven by his determination to prove his strength. He is willing to prioritize his enemies’ destruction over saving innocent people if he believes it to be necessary, but he will not harm or kill anyone innocent to gain the upper hand.

Satoru is widely recognized as the strongest sorcerer in the Jujutsu Kaisen series, possessing an abundance of cursed energy and an extremely powerful technique. Even among special grade sorcerers, no one seems to match his skill level except for Sukuna, the King of Curses. In his youth, Satoru and Suguru were considered the strongest students, easily defeating experienced curse users. As he honed his abilities, Satoru surpassed Suguru’s strength and became capable of killing Toji Fushiguro, who was previously unbeatable. Suguru acknowledged Satoru’s superiority and even admitted that he could single-handedly wipe out humanity. In the present day, Satoru’s power is feared by the higher-ups of the jujutsu society, as he could easily overthrow them and cancel executions. He even claimed that he could defeat Sukuna at full strength. Kenjaku and his group of special-grade cursed spirits were also wary of Satoru’s power and skill, with Kenjaku admitting he couldn’t defeat him in a direct battle. Despite their preparations, Satoru easily fended off their assaults and killed Hanami, only being defeated due to Kenjaku’s distraction tactics.

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