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Izuku, despite being somewhat short for his age, has a round face with a short mop of fluffy dark-green hair that curls up in unusual angles, casting distinct dark shadows. His eyes are large and circular, with irises the same shade of green as his hair. They often appear watery and stretched wide, giving him an innocent and energized look. On each cheek, he has four symmetrical freckles arranged in a diamond formation.

Initially thin, Izuku has gained toned muscles after ten months of extensive training with All Might. As the series progresses, his muscles become more developed and defined, reflecting his growing strength.

Following his battle against Shoto Todoroki, Izuku’s right hand fingers became slightly deformed, and his hand bears visible scarring. His right arm suffered further damage during an intense fight with Muscular, resulting in additional scars. To support the heavily damaged arm, Izuku wears a black compression sleeve on the upper portion. This sleeve is partially visible when he wears short sleeves.

During his time in Junior High School, Izuku wore a plain black gakuran uniform with yellow buttons. He paired it with his signature bright red high top boots, featuring thick white soles and black laces. At home, he opts for a green jinbei over a white shirt and gray sweatpants.

At U.A., Izuku dons the standard male uniform consisting of a light gray blazer with dark turquoise trimmings over a white dress shirt and dress pants. However, he wears his red tie shorter than usual, leaving it improperly done up. Instead of the plain brown shoes worn by most students, he sticks to his signature red shoes.

Izuku’s first hero costume, known as “Costume Alpha,” was a light green full-body jumpsuit with a red belt, elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves. He also wore a mask resembling All Might’s haircut, complete with long ear-like protrusions. A respirator with a makeshift smile, mirroring that of All Might, completed the ensemble. This costume suffered severe damage during his first battle against Katsuki Bakugo and required repairs. Consequently, during the U.S.J. Arc and My Hero Academia – Save! Rescue Training, Izuku had to wear the U.A. gym uniform. This consisted of a dark blue high-collared tracksuit with thick white lines forming the letters “U” and “A” over his torso and legs. He also wore a respirator, white gloves, elbow pads, and knee pads.

His second hero costume, known as “Costume Beta,” underwent some changes to appear sturdier and more combat-ready. The color shifted to a darker teal with black outlines instead of white. Light beige shoulder pads were added, and the knee pads extended to his thighs. The gloves were tinted light beige and decorated with blue stripes. The respirator became metal, diamond-shaped, with eight holes. In his second suit, Izuku chose not to wear a mask frequently, although it remained part of the costume.

During Class 1-A’s week of Ultimate Move Training, Izuku’s costume was upgraded once again to complement his new fighting style called Shoot Style. Iron soles were added to his red boots for more powerful kicks. Arm braces were also included, and yellow bolts were fastened into his knee pads (originally added in his second costume in the manga). This collection of upgrades was named “Costume Gamma” by Izuku.

Izuku’s fourth hero costume, known as “Costume Delta,” made minor alterations compared to his previous hero costume. Mei Hatsume created support gloves to enhance his long-range attacks. Prior to the Joint Training Arc, Izuku incorporated these gloves into his hero costume for combat purposes.

During Mission: Humarise, Izuku and his classmates at the Endeavor Agency received special advanced stealth costumes from the World Heroes Association for their mission at Otheon. Izuku’s stealth costume was based on his Delta Costume but redesigned with teal-green highlights on black lines. It featured black iron soles and boots. Additionally, two silver plates with the letters “WHA” were placed on his shoulders, and two straps hung down from his upper body pads, with a red button on the left.

After the Paranormal Liberation War, Izuku’s costume suffered damage. As a tribute to his former mentor Gran Torino, he wore Gran Torino’s cape.

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