Jujutsu Kaisen Opening Shibuya Arc Twixtor

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Nanami is a reserved and wise individual who often appears calm and indifferent, giving off a stoic and aloof impression. He is perceived as someone who takes his work too seriously, but in reality, he knows how to separate emotions from professional duties. He prefers straightforward conversations and doesn’t have much patience for impractical optimism or vague questions. Despite his tough exterior, Nanami is sociable and enjoys intelligent discussions. He has a practical and overly serious demeanor, which can be comical at times. Nanami became a jujutsu sorcerer because he thought it was slightly less foolish than being a salaryman. As one of Yuji’s mentors, he is a contrast to Satoru, who is more outspoken and easy-going. Yuji initially thought that he wouldn’t get along with Nanami because of his gloomy personality. Nanami dislikes working overtime and is serious about not exceeding his required work hours. He believes that adulthood is not determined by age or life-threatening experiences but by the accumulation of life’s little inconveniences. Initially, he treated Yuji like a child because he didn’t want him to sacrifice his youth for the sake of being a jujutsu sorcerer, but eventually, Yuji proved himself and earned Nanami’s recognition.

Nanami fought against the special grade curse Dagon alongside Naobito and Maki Zenin. Their combined efforts allowed them to overpower Dagon, with Naobito’s incredible speed and Nanami’s support playing a crucial role. However, despite being grade 1 sorcerers, they were unable to exorcise Dagon. Nanami found himself trapped inside Dagon’s Domain and was unable to take any offensive position. Nevertheless, he managed to survive Dagon’s Death Swarm shikigami for over a minute, surprising the caster of the domain. When Megumi arrived and nullified Dagon’s automatic hit with his own Domain, Nanami focused on protecting Megumi and easily dispatched any shikigami that tried to attack the student, despite his injuries. Even though he was heavily injured by Dagon and later burned by Jogo, Nanami was able to massacre an entire swarm of transfigured humans who were attempting to kill him. Nanami is a master swordsman who mainly uses a blunt sword in battle. He wields his blade with grace and balance and can cut through anything with his cursed technique, including opponents who use cursed energy to defend themselves. His strikes are extremely fast and precise.

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