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Kokichi Muta had a skill level that was considered semi-grade 1 in jujutsu sorcery during his time as a student at Jujutsu High. He had the ability to control multiple puppets from a distance, each of which possessed strong combat abilities that contributed to his rank. In his battle against Mahito, Kokichi was willing to use all of his stored cursed energy to secure victory. Pseudo-Geto recognized Mahito’s exceptional skills and strategies in this fight. Kokichi’s efforts were almost enough to exorcise the special grade curse, but Mahito exploited Kokichi’s overreliance on strategy. Ultimately, Kokichi was defeated when Mahito tricked him into a false sense of security after making him believe he had accomplished his objective.

Kokichi demonstrated great tactical intellect as both a thinker and fighter. He always aimed to outmaneuver his opponents by anticipating their moves. During his fight with Panda, Kokichi carefully analyzed both his own strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of his opponent, at each stage of the battle. Pseudo-Geto also commended Kokichi for his decent tactical prowess while facing Mahito. Kokichi was well-prepared for their encounter, and his tactics came close to wearing Mahito down, causing damage to his body and neutralizing his techniques.

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