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Cat Burglar Nami

Nami is a slender, young woman of average height, sporting vibrant orange hair and brown eyes. Many characters in the story find her to be quite attractive. She has a tattoo on her left shoulder, originally black but depicted as blue in the anime, which represents a mikan (a type of citrus fruit). Additionally, she has pinwheel tattoos on her arm as a tribute to Bell-mère, Nojiko, and Genzo, replacing a previous tattoo that symbolized her time with Arlong’s crew.

Over the course of the series, Nami’s physique gradually matures, with a more noticeable transformation occurring during a timeskip. This change may be attributed to shifts in the artwork style. Her fashion sense and hairstyle frequently evolve throughout the series, and she often wears shirts with four-letter words like “Gold” or “EVIL,” reminiscent of a shirt Bell-mère once wore with “MACE” on it. On her left wrist, Nami wears the Log Pose, an essential tool for her role as the ship’s navigator, along with a gold bracelet gifted to her by her sister, Nojiko.

Following the events of the Arlong Park Arc, Nami frequently changes her clothing for each story arc, often pairing tops with skirts featuring two rings on the sides. Her signature footwear consists of orange high-heeled gladiator sandals, which she wears in nearly every arc. Interestingly, despite the high heels, they do not seem to impact her walking style or speed. While she generally keeps her hair tidy, occasionally, a strand on top of her head may form a messy cowlick.

Nami also wears a thigh strap with three slots to carry her bo staff poles and later the Clima-Tact.

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