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During her childhood and young adult life, Nami stole money from various individuals, including dangerous pirates, in order to buy back her village from the Arlong Pirates. These experiences have given her a high level of physical capabilities, such as exceptional agility and incredible leg strength, which she demonstrated in the Water 7 Arc by jumping wide distances between rooftops. Nami is also physically strong and fit, and when extremely enraged, she can pack powerful punches that can even bruise Luffy, who has a tough durability. However, this is mainly for comedic effect and not indicative of Nami’s actual strength. Nami is not as skilled at fighting as some of her crewmates but can hold her own against weaker foes. She has defeated Marines with punches and kicks, incapacitated Miss Valentine with a single hit from her bo staff, and withstood a Shigan from Kalifa. Nami also possesses great skill with ropes and a bo staff, which she used for self-defense before acquiring the Clima-Tact. Despite typically relying on her crewmates to fight in her place against monstrous foes at sea, Nami supported Luffy in an 11-hour fight with Charlotte Cracker, demonstrating high levels of endurance. She also survived breathing in toxins from the Daft Green plant for several minutes before receiving the cure.

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