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Aoi Todo has a very distinct personality that can be seen as eccentric by others. He is often perceived as a battle-obsessed meathead due to his love for flexing his muscles and the thrill of fighting. Additionally, his fondness for his favorite pop-idol Takada-chan is a significant aspect of his character, and he makes it a point to attend all her shows and meet-and-greets. Todo even imagines talking to Takada during his inner dialogues. As a child, Todo was incredibly strong, but he found his life mundane because of it. However, meeting Yuki Tsukumo changed everything for him, and he fondly remembers how she turned his boredom upside-down by asking him about his preferences in girls, a catchphrase he now uses for himself.

Todo was a very strong child, but he found his life to be dull due to his overwhelming strength. However, his life changed when he met Yuki Tsukumo, who asked him about his preference in girls. Todo adopted this catchphrase for himself and uses it to gauge people’s personalities. He becomes extremely agitated when he is bored and will even physically harm someone if he deems their response to be uninteresting. Todo is disappointed in his peers at Kyoto Jujutsu High because of their poor taste in women. He also has no interest in the plans for the Goodwill Event and makes it clear that he will not follow orders from anyone. Yuji reveals that he has the same taste in women as Todo, and this causes Todo to believe that they are best friends who cannot be beaten. Even after returning to reality, Todo still believes they are best friends and sheds tears over it.

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